Woman undergoing acupuncture treatment with a line of fine needles inserted into the skin of her foreheadImprove physical appearance without the use of harsh cosmetic procedures or surgeries. Each protocol varies in terms of its length, potential results and cost. Every patient will meet with Ms. Cooper for a free consultation to discuss the approach most appropriate for the patient’s needs or desired outcome.

MeiZen for the Face
This protocol consists of ten treatments, twice a week for five weeks. Each session typically takes under 1.5 hours. This protocol is popular among people with wrinkles or sagging skin, dull skin color or acne. It is also often chosen before a special event, such as a wedding or a reunion. Usually the results are visible within 4-5 treatments. The most common side effect is temporary bruising. For this reason, the last visit must be at least a week before any special occasion to allow any bruises to completely disappear.




AFTER 10 TREATMENTS *results vary









While individual results vary, we expect:

  • More youthful facial color and skin elasticity
  • Clear skin
  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Reduction or disappearance of sagging skin/cheeks

Additional benefits of this protocol are an improvement in sleep, energy, mood and a reduction of various symptoms ranging from allergies to dizziness to sinusitis or poor hearing.

MeiZen for the Neck
This protocol is similar to MeiZen for the Face in its length. It also requires a five-week commitment for ten sessions. This treatment is often preferred to be combined with the Facial protocol, but can be performed by itself. MeiZen for the Neck covers the neck and upper chest/cleavage line.

Scar Reduction
This protocol is for people who want to reduce the appearance of scars after a surgery or injury. It is particularly popular among women who had a C-Section during childbirth. Because scars can vary in their thickness, there is no set number of treatments, but an evaluation of progress and scar reduction will be done every four weeks. Most patients report that within one or two treatments the scars become more flexible, less visible, and very often various health conditions greatly improve after the scar treatments. At the end of the treatment, the scars greatly diminish in appearance and become a lot less, if at all, noticeable.

Spider-Vein Removal
We use the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine to get rid of unsightly spider veins on your face or anywhere on your body. This technique is virtually painless, quick, risk-free with no side effects, and provides instant results. In addition to an improve cosmetic appearance, may people experience a relief from pain or stiffness after the spider-veins are gone.