Deidra Mendoza

Deidra Mendoza

Deidra was born in Bolivia but spent her childhood in Florida and Massachusetts. As a young girl she loved being outdoors, whether it was riding her bike, roller blading, jumping into a bile of leaves or just enjoying the sun. After school Deidra wanted to do something in the medical field with a hands on treatment method, but did not want to work in a hectic hospital setting. Deidra decided to become a massage therapist, and very quickly realized that she found something she loved. Deidra received special training in deep tissue, swedish, trigger point, prenatal, sports and palliative care massage techniques.

When asked about her favorite types of clients and what she is trying to achieve with her profession, this is what Deidra answered:

“My favorite types of clients are the ones who trust in me and my work because they give me even more confidence and it reassures me that I will be able to reach our therapy goal, with hard work but sooner or later. Recently I have been doing more sports massage and helping with flexibility; so I can say this is one of my favorite types of massage therapy.

I think more people need to realize how powerful massage therapy is. From touch therapy to muscular therapy. Emotionally, this type of therapy can help a lot of people, especially those dealing with stress and anxiety; I believe massage therapy needs to be a much bigger part of end of life care (hospice) which helps relax nerve endings, calm their stress and make them feel at peace and know there is someone next to them who truly cares. When it comes to muscular therapy, many people (myself included) did not believe how much massage therapy could change one’s body. Massage can change someones posture, help with blood flow to the spinal cord, possibly help straighten a new born’s cleft foot into a normal position, manipulate muscles into relaxation therefore moving unaligned spinal vertebrae back into place. Massage therapy has been able to prevent surgery on some issues that were fixable with just muscle manipulation; and many many more great things. I hope to help the massage therapy world grow and helping people heal without invasion of surgery.”

While not at work, Deidra enjoys being on the beach, taking road trips and watching old movies. Deidra is fluent in English and Spanish.