Q. Does acupuncture hurt?
A. No. Occasionally the patient may experience a slight momentary sting or pinch, but it typically goes away within seconds. Most of the time the patients don’t even know that the needle has been inserted.

Q. Will I have to do acupuncture all my life or is it a one-time thing?
A. It varies. An acute condition may only require one treatment, while chronic ailments will need to be addressed regularly over time.

Q. What should I expect during my appointment?
A. Your initial visit will begin with a full health history intake, where Ms. Cooper will discuss all of your and your family history, health concerns as well as the most appropriate approach going forward. The treatment plan may consist of Acupuncture, Herbal Supplements or both. If Acupuncture is appropriate for you, you will receive a full treatment after the initial conversation. If the Chinese Herbs are the best approach for you, a prescription will be sent to you via e-mail with pick-up instructions.

Q. What are the risks of acupuncture?
A. Minor bruising is the most common side effect of acupuncture. Obviously it is temporary and usually is not bothersome. Sterile and disposable needles are used for each acupuncture treatment, and the skin is cleaned with alcohol prior to insertion to eliminate the risk of infection. Occasionally, patients may experience lightheadedness after the treatment is done which usually goes away within minutes.

Q. Is acupuncture covered by insurance?
A. Yes. Irina Cooper is a participating provider with all of the local health plans which offer coverage. If you are unsure about your benefits, simply call the number of your card to verify if acupuncture is included in your plan.

Q. Does acupuncture replace medical treatments or doctor’s advice?
A. No. Ms. Cooper always encourages her patients to see their doctor and do all possible diagnostic and non-invasive tests. However, if surgery or another medical invasion is suggested, Ms. Cooper will discuss with you potential alternatives which, in many cases, have allowed her patients to avoid major medical procedures.

Q. Is acupuncture effective for weight loss?
A. Yes. There are various weight-loss protocols that can be used, and they provide various results. However, weight loss is not a simple one-step solution. People have different reasons which prevent them from shedding unwanted pounds, and an excessive appetite is rarely to blame. The patient may have an underlying medical condition, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a Thyroid disorder, etc, or they may be suffering from fatigue, pain or depression which prevents them from exercising or eating well. If weight loss is your goal, Ms. Cooper will discuss the underlying cause of your challenge and will offer you the best plan of action.

Q. Can infants be treated with acupuncture?
A. Yes. However, when treating an infant or a very small child, needles are not always used. Very often acupressure (finger massage) will produce the same result as needling, since young children respond very quickly. Slightly older children can be needled, but we use very fine needles to minimize any possible discomfort to the baby.

Q. Did Ms. Cooper receive additional training in treating children?
A. Yes. Ms. Cooper completed an Internship at the Pediatric Inpatient and Pediatric Intensive Care Units at the Boston Medical Center in the heart of Boston. Her youngest patient was NINE HOURS OLD!

Q. Can dogs or cats be treated with acupuncture?
A. Absolutely. Ms. Cooper often treats dogs and cats who suffer from ear infections, arthritis, urinary tract infections, skin conditions and anxiety. Typically pets respond very quickly and do not require frequent treatments.

Q. Does Ms. Cooper treat patients at their home or at the hospital?
A. Yes. Ms. Cooper is able to visit the patient at home or at the hospital. Additional fees will apply to cover travel time and parking costs.

Q. Is information discussed in sessions confidential?
A. Absolutely. Everything disclosed to Ms. Cooper is kept completely confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, including other family members, as long as the patient is a consenting adult. Should the patient decide to share the records, they will be asked to sign a release form.

If your question was not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information.