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There are several types of Weight Loss programs. Each of them varies in terms of length, time commitment, potential results, and cost. During your FREE consultation with Ms. Cooper, you’ll discuss which program is appropriate for you.

Add-On Weight Loss
This weight loss treatment consists of additional points used during the regular treatments, and is offered to new or existing patients who receive acupuncture treatments to address other healthcare needs. Usually patients report that they don’t find themselves craving unhealthy foods as much, their appetite reduces, and it is easier to eat smaller portions. The weight loss varies based on each individual, but most patients are able to shed 1-3 lbs/week.

Intensive Weight Loss
This program requires a DAILY commitment for TWO WEEKS, two sets of five consecutive days with a two-day break in between. It is very popular with people who live near Natick Center or work in the area, since it’s very doable during a lunch break. It focuses on curbing your appetite, increasing your metabolism, reduction of cravings and boosting your will power. Individual results will vary depending on the original weight of the person, any potential health issues which results in a difficulty with weight loss (such as a thyroid disorder or PCOS) and their commitment to a healthy life style, but most patients report a weight loss of about 10 pounds.

Jump-Start Weight Loss
This treatment is performed twice a week. It is the best option for those who generally lead a healthy life style, but have a difficult time starting losing weight or try to shed “those last ten pounds”.

Ultimate Weight Loss (MeiZen Abdominal)
This protocol is for individuals who not only want to lose a more significant amount of weight, but also want to tighten up their abdominal region and reduce the “skin apron”, which often happens after a large weight loss. MeiZen Abdominal requires a THREE-MONTH commitment for EIGHTEEN treatments, TWICE/Week for SIX weeks and ONCE/Week for Six Weeks. It is very popular among new Mothers, who are trying to get rid of the “baby fat” or tone up the post-pregnancy stretched skin and abdomen.

As with all other Weight-Loss protocols, the individual results will vary, but most patients report a decrease in their waist size, a toning of the abdominal muscles, a reduction of flab/loose skin, and, of course, a substantial weight loss. Additionally, a wide variety of digestive problems, as well as gynecological issues tends to greatly improve or even completely resolve.