“I have been to many acupuncturists and I feel that Irina has a natural gift for healing. She loves a challenge and will research and find a way to help. My situation is very complex: a combination of stress, fibromyalgia, asthma, stress, incontinence and insomnia. Irina handled my multitude of problems wonderfully. It is so amazing not to have to take all the medications for the fibromyalgia and asthma and not to worry about leakage!” —Sarah from Rhode Island

PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)
The patient was a 47-year-old woman with a persistent uterine bleeding. She was being prepared for a hysterectomy (a surgery to remove the uterus). After acupuncture twice a week for two months the bleeding stopped and the surgery was not necessary and therefore was cancelled.








PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)
The patient was a 9-year-old boy with an undiagnosed mood disorder. The Mom took him to various doctors, none of whom were able to help. The boy had violent outbursts and was dangerous to be around, particularly for his younger siblings. While I had experience treating infants and children, this was my first pediatric mental disorder case, but after sitting with the Mom on the floor in my office, surrounded by all of my school notes and books and discussing all of her son’s symptoms, I made a TCM diagnosis and prescribed an herbal formula in a liquid form.

The Mom reported that 10 minutes after giving him one drop of the herbs in a cup of Ginger Ale, her son went into the bathroom and spat a clump of green phlegm. After that his violent outbursts stopped.

I am still treating that boy (now almost 14) for depression, a weak immune system and digestion. We are only using herbs since he won’t let me needle him. His Mom reports that his appetite improved, his mood improved and his energy is much better than before.

“…challenges I’ve had with my left foot for (i kid you not) 5+ years. in 3 treatments, Irina Cooper has managed to reduce the ‘feature’ (a.k.a mysterious cyst-calcification) so much that i have NO nerve pressure, full range of motion, was able to stand on the ball of my foot with no pain AND can now put pressure on the top of the arch. All this will primarily treating my thyroid and spleen. She’s different than any acupuncturist i’ve ever seen – she works – and fast. My sleep is better, cyst on foot is smaller, and digestion has improved. I can’t wait to introduce my partner to her work. Incredible!”
—Katherine Zitterbart

PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)
The patient was an early-60s Medical Doctor, who came in for help with losing weight. During our initial conversation, she reported that she was not able to exercise due to a severe incontinence of urine, which she’d had after the birth of her child (approximately 35 years ago), but it was progressively worse over time. Being a Western medical practitioner, she tried all options on the market with no success. I suggested that in order to help her lose the weight, I needed to fix the incontinence so that she could be more active.

After the first treatment the patient reported having much less leakage. After seven treatments the leakage was completely gone. The patient began to exercise, and along with my ad-on Weight Loss program she was able to get shed the unwanted pounds fairly quickly. Last time I saw this patient was in 2013, she has not reported any problems since that time.

PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)
The patient was a 34-year-old bank manager with a chronic nasal congestion. The dry air-conditioned air at the bank made the problem worse. She was prescribed a nasal spray, which provided a temporary relief but her nasal passages were becoming swollen and irritated, and she ended up using the spray every 30 mins vs twice a day as prescribed.

She came for Acupuncture once or twice a week for approximately 1.5-2 months. One day I got a call from her, saying that she just returned home from work and saw the nasal spray on the kitchen table. She forgot it at home and didn’t even realize it all day. She has not reported the problem re-occur since 2011.


Translation: Yes, Irina, I think it’s working. My son didn’t get sick for the first time in two years after his competition. His next competition is in September and I want him to continue taking the herbs. He is continuing taking the herbs for digestion and there is a lot less acne, even he noticed it too.






“I came to Irina with a chronic cough condition which my doctors were telling me was caused by acid reflux. Additionally, I felt a discomfort in my chest. Instead of using anti-acids that have powerful negative side effects, I decided to give acupuncture a try. From the very first treatment I started feeling significantly better. My chest discomfort is diminished and cough is almost gone. I go for days now without any cough. The treatments are working and I am making great progress! I am also experiencing higher energy levels after each treatment. Additionally, I want to say that Irina is a very professional, caring and personable individual. She loves her job and spends considerable amount of time thinking about her patients. Instead of focusing on treating the symptoms only, which is what traditional doctors often focus on, Irina takes a more holistic approach and finds a treatment for the source of the problem rather than just focusing on getting rid of the symptoms. I have already recommended Irina to a couple of my friends and would encourage anyone with health issues to give her a call and see if she can help. Her treatments are not invasive and most importantly have no side effects” —VM

PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)
The patient was a 40-year-old woman with a severe vaginal itching. The discomfort was periodic with no clear triggers, and the doctors diagnosed it as “sensitive skin”. Upon speaking with the patient I diagnosed it as a part of her PMS symptoms, since the itching and the irritation was happening in the middle of her cycle along with a strong appetite, acne, insomnia, irritability and thirst. I prescribed a custom herbal prescription. The patient reported that after taking the first dose the itching went away within 40 minutes, although it was “the bitterest stuff she ever tasted.” After taking the herbs for approximately 5 months the patient is now mostly symptom free, and only uses the herbs occasionally for an acute discomfort, which is rare and much milder than before.


“My dog Lucy had a stubborn ear infection. I tried everything that the doctors recommended: ointments, cutting out small hairs out of her ears, using various creams, but nothing was helping and Lucy was suffering for many months. One time I came to see Irina for a migraine, and when I told Irina about my dog, she suggested that I bring Lucy next time I come in. I did that and Irina treated Lucy’s ear three times. One day after that, without thinking about acupuncture, I got ready to put the cream in Lucy’s ear when I realized that her ear was completely healthy and was no longer bothering her. Irina cured Lucy’s ear infection in just three treatments, and my beloved little doggie has been healthy every since! I was amazed and wished that I told Irina about it much sooner. As for my own migraines, whenever I have one, I call Irina and she takes the pain away immediately.” —O.Y.


Translation: Irina, you are a genius. You were able to stop the fire!!! The redness went away and I’m just left with a rash. It’s candida. I consulted in Denver yesterday…… Thank you!!! You are a master!!!! Very thankful to you and always believed in you











PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)

The patient is a retired nurse in her early 70s. She suffered from severe knee pain and joint pain due to Rheumatoidal Arthritis for over 15 years. After the first treatment she got off the table and began doing squats, reporting that her knees weren’t hurting anymore. She has remained pain-free for over three months with by-weekly treatments. Our next plan is to work on shrinking her Thyroid nodules.

PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)

The patient is a man in his late 40s, came in with a severe skin irritation due to an autoimmune disorder Lupus. His skin was blistering and peeling with a severe itch. In addition to the skin concern, he was also experiencing severe heartburn, insomnia, constant thirst, constant feeling of heat and depression. The patient had exhausted all Western medicine treatment options and came to me as his last resort.

No acupuncture was performed, the treatment was solely by a custom herbal prescription.

After a week of taking Chinese herbs, the patient reported no longer having the itchy skin, the skin was healing and turning a normal color. He no longer experienced being hot all the time, his nausea and heartburn were gone, his mood was stabilized and he was sleeping a lot better. Our treatment is still ongoing with Chinese herbal prescriptions, my plan is to begin reducing the dosage once his skin condition is completely stable, and eventually have him stop with the supplements unless necessary.

PATIENT CASE (Posted by Irina Cooper)

The patient is a 66-year-old woman with a complex medical history. She walked into my office doubled-over in pain from a kidney stone. To my question of how her pain was on the scale from 1 to 10, she responded “I am in such an agony, I think I’m numb.” This was my first case of an acute kidney stone attack since I studied it in school. I pulled my school notes and my reference books and gave her a very intense treatment.

In a little over an hour the treatment was over and I asked her to describe her pain. Her response was “It don’t hurt!” Before she left the office, she was chatting with the office staff, smiling and showing us pictures of her dog. She has not been in pain since then (5 days).