The Difference

Western medicine is essential for its very powerful emergency techniques; Its fantastic and life-saving surgical abilities and is a quick fix for an urgent problem. It also offers effective non-invasive or mildly-invasive diagnostic techniques.

But, there is no cure for long-term or chronic diseases and no search for the true cause of the disease. Instead, heavy use of medications is used with sometimes harsh side effect. This causes a life-long dependency on medications for life-long conditions. There are many unknown side-effects of the many medications used today.

Chinese medicine and Western medicine have almost nothing in common. Western herbal medicine is limited precisely because it draws on herbs in isolation or in small combinations with other herbs serving the same function. Eastern herbal medicine, in contrast, reflects the reality that herbs always embody a combination of properties and temperatures, and that when used properly, they may reach one to as many as with other twelve organ systems.

Chinese medicine always treats the whole body in addition to the local problem or injury. Chinese medicine always looks for the source of the problem and it views the human body as one whole.

Eastern herbal formulas may be prepared and taken in a number of ways. Pre-made formulas are available in terms of pills, tablets, capsules, powders, alcohol-extracts and water-extracts. The traditional method of preparing herbal medicine is as a decoction, a concentrated form of tea. A modern way ofadministering herbal formulas is through granulated herbs, which are highly concentrated powdered extracts, made from traditional decoctions and then customized for each patient.